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Testimonials from Board Directors

On the Value of the Board Diversity Playbook


Companies who care about business performance need to prioritize diversity as a key lever for driving growth — not because it’s a nice thing to do, but because it’s the smart thing to do. Use the strategies in this playbook to create opportunities to accelerate the performance of your board.

Headshot of Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

CEO, Xero, Ltd. | Founder and Chairman, theBoardlist


If you are creating a company and you want it to succeed in the long run, the company -- and its board -- should mirror global demographics and perspectives on a range of vectors. When you are ready to build a diverse, forward-thinking board, the strategies in this playbook are a good place to start.

 Julia Hartz

Co-founder and CEO, Eventbrite | Board Member, Four Seasons Hotels & Resort
Headshot of Julia Hartz


On the Importance of Board Diversity


I have found that diversity of perspectives and breadth of experience are critically important attributes of a well-functioning board. It’s worth being intentional about building a strong, diverse, world-class board.

Brian Niccol

Chairman and CEO, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. | Board Member, KB Home
Headshot of Brian Niccol


Diversity was one of the key values we embraced when we refreshed our board after Hewlett-Packard Company split into two separate companies in 2015. We did this because it was the right thing to do and because we know diverse boards have a broader range of experiences and expertise to provide invaluable insights on strategic business initiatives. A diverse board attracts diverse talent and ensures we meet the needs of all our customers. 

Headshot of Enrique Lores

Enrique Lores

President and CEO, HP, Inc. | Board Member, PayPal Holdings, Inc. 


A thoughtful recruitment and onboarding process is becoming the norm and essential to good corporate governance. The role and responsibility of a board member has not changed, but it has evolved. The speed of technology has promulgated rapid market disruption, necessitating accelerated response agility. The era of mediocrity acceptance has passed. Innovate or die is a business mantra around the world. Effective board members have known this principle for many years. Diversity, including diversity of thought, offers teams the augmented ability to respond more effectively. The alternative is obsolescence.

Byron Loflin

Global Head of Board Advisory, Nasdaq, Inc.
Headshot of Byron Loflin