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Insights: Expand Your Networks

This is a compilation of resources on the importance of reaching beyond your already-existing networks and ways to implement new network-building strategies. 

Beyond the C-Suite: Trends in Director Skill Sets
This report from Diligent Institute reviews data from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia and provides an overview of where the newest board members are mostly found, including technology, marketing, and sales.  

Director Tip Sheet: Filling in the Missing Pieces on Boardroom Diversity
This article from Deloitte, in collaboration with the National Association of Corporate Directors provides effective and intentional tips for aligning terminology, evaluation practices, and diversification efforts in board recruitment and sustainment practices. 

Boards are Overlooking Qualified Women. Here's How to Fix That.
The Harvard Business Review (HBR) looks at Fortune 100 companies to see the trend in female CEOs and how boards are overlooking qualified talent in female hiring. The authors offer a tactical approach to avoiding these mistakes.

Examples of Diverse Candidate Search Language
This collection from the Midwest Investors Diversity Initiative (MIDI) showcases specific language examples for position descriptions from various companies to increase board diversity. Note: Contains slightly outdated language (such as ‘diverse candidate’ and refers to ‘Facebook’ rather than Meta). It contains helpful examples as a starting point.

Getting More Black Women on Corporate Boards Is This New Program’s Urgent Mission
Black Women on Boards is working to do exactly that: place more Black women on boards. This article from Fortune outlines how to get started (if you don’t know where to start) and the importance of initially encouraging Black women to consider joining boards when they think it might be impossible.