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Banner Image featuring four major strategies of the Board Diversity Playbook

Board Diversity Playbook

A playbook for visionary companies that are changing the world, created by the California Partners Project and the Stanford VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab.

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Are you ready to build a transformative board that will become a powerful strategic asset?


Achieve an effective search process to add new talent and perspectives to your board. Take these four empirically sound, community-sourced steps to find a broad range of talented women leaders who can provide insights and skills to enhance your board’s performance and success. For each step, we provide tactics and tools to improve your process.

Playbook Overview


Find the Gaps

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Expand Your Networks

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Create an Equitable Interview Process

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Onboard Intentionally

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Quote by Sukhinder Singh Cassidy: Companies who care about business performance need to prioritize diversity as a key lever for driving growth — not because it’s a nice thing to do, but because it’s the smart thing to do. Use the strategies in this playbook to create opportunities to accelerate the performance of your board.
Quote by Brian Niccol: I have found that diversity of perspectives and breadth of experience are critically important attributes of a well-functioning board. It’s worth being intentional about building a strong, diverse, world-class board.