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Step 1: Find the Gaps
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Update and Use a Board Matrix

The Aim

Write a robust, forward-looking description of the expertise and demographic characteristics needed in new members to build a diverse and strong board.

Take Action

Create or update a board matrix describing the skills, experiences, and demographics of current directors.

Use the matrix to conduct a gap analysis to identify additional skills, experiences, and demographics that would support the company’s current strategy and future vision, which will reveal opportunities for diversifying.

Clarify the criteria for new candidates, thus creating a robust job description.

Use the board matrix to help you articulate to the candidate why you want them to join the board based on their expertise and lived experience, not solely because of their demographic profile.

Try these tools to create your board matrix



The process will allow you to evaluate each director candidate in the context of the existing board and how they will enhance its overall performance and balance familiar experiences with new perspectives. Diversity fosters healthy board discussions and debates.

Why it matters

This process is intended to mitigate affinity bias and other dynamics that may unconsciously prevent you from recognizing visionary leaders who could increase your board’s effectiveness.

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