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In the Words of Experts: Expand Your Networks

We asked experts for their advice on unexpected ways to expand and develop your networks to find new talent.


Local bankers, accountants, lawyers and insurance brokers play a critical role in helping small- to medium-sized businesses grow and expand. They can also be a great resource for finding new directors for your board. Try approaching them to introduce you to other savvy business people in your community - people who can help you identify new opportunities, strengthen your business and help solve business challenges in creative ways. 

Headshot of Sylvia Acevedo

Sylvia Acevedo

Former CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA | Board Member, Credo Technology Group Holding Ltd., Qualcomm Inc.                             


When you’re shortlisting candidates to interview, make sure you're not just adding one woman into the mix - that's not going to set you up for success. In some cases, I've seen nomination and governance committees review slates of all women candidates, and that's great.

Headshot of Jana Rich

Jana Rich

Founder and CEO, Rich Talent Group                                                                                                                                                                                         


Bright, fresh, diverse talent is out there, boards simply need to be committed to finding such talent and know where to get help with the board director search. Fantastic organizations like the Latino Corporate Directors Association helped me and several of the boards I serve connect with highly skilled Latina and Latino talent who were well-prepared to serve on boards with credible and credentialed substance. 

Headshot of Fred Diaz

Fred Diaz

Former CEO, Mitsubishi | Board Member, Archer Aviation Inc., Smith & Wesson, Valero Energy Corporation, SiteOne Landscape Supply


You have to get comfortable looking for talent in new and often unexpected ways in order to achieve your goals. We once called a woman who we respected and admired but was already boarded up and asked her for recommendations. She referred us to a female tech founder who was highly credentialed but had never served on a public company board. We encouraged board members to trust this referral from a respected source and be open to the unique perspective that an earlier career tech founder would bring. She was invited to join the board and provided key insights on the tech talent market, including how to attract, pay and retain tech talent.

Headshot of Beth Axelrod

Beth Axelrod

Former Global Head of Employee Experience, Airbnb | Board Member, Heidrick & Struggles