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Contributors and Collaborators


Our gratitude for all who were involved

We are grateful to you, our amazing community, who are actively working to make boards more diverse and inclusive. You contributed your perspectives, expertise, revisions, strategies and importantly, your time and care, so that this playbook can have a positive impact on the future of board equity and effectiveness. This is one concrete step towards our collective aim of a better and more inclusive world. 

Special thanks to the following groups and individuals:

Focus group participants and playbook contributors - Sylvia Acevado, Barbara Adachi, Banafsheh Akhlaghi, Beth Axelrod, Mari Baker, Anna Binder, Adriane Brown, Reed Colley, Grace Colon, Fred Diaz, Ozzie Gromada Meza, Lee Hanson, Julia Hartz, Dane E. Holmes, Britt Ide, Teresa Johnson, Nanxi Liu, Byron Loflin, Sonita Lontoh, Enrique Lores, Jen McClure, Brian Niccol, Jana Rich, Faye Sahai, Tina Shah Paikeday, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Eileen Schloss, Lisa Spivey, Shehnaaz Suliman  

The California Partners Project Gender Equity Advisory Council - Esther Aguilera, Annalisa Barrett, Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire, Julie Castro Abrams, Reveta Bowers, John China, David Chun, Hannah-Beth Jackson, Amanda Packel, Anne Sheehan 

The California Partners Project Board of Directors - Becky Beland McNaught, John China, Lisa Ling, Olivia Morgan, Ann O’Leary, Norah Weinstein, Tom Willis

Office of the First Partner Team - Diana Avalos, Jameson Casentini, Claire Cullis, Shelby McMichael, Rebecca Sterling, Crystal Young

Stanford Graduate School of Business Team - Tom Albert, Walt Ashe, Derrick Bolton, Amy Cramer, Annie Garofalo, Amelia Hansen, Renee Hirschberg, Stephanie Mishra, Allison Rouse, Dean Jonathan Levin

Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences - Kinsey Haffner, Steve Olson, Dean Debra Satz

Project Co-Creators


Executive Editor Lori Nishiura Mackenzie

Editorial team - Elizabeth Cheong, Sofia Kennedy, Leigha Weinberg, Hannah Yanow

Production team - Elizabeth Cheong, Vanessa Cho, Kelly Stiles, Orlena Watson

Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab Team - Sandra Brenner, Shelley Correll, Sofia Kennedy, Julia Eungeen Kwak, Lori Nishiura Mackenzie, Caroline Simard, Hannah Yanow

The California Partners Project Team - Marina Castellanos, Hannah Chatalas, Elizabeth Cheong, Jennifer Heifferon, Orlena Perez Watson, Katrina Steffek, Leigha Weinberg

A special thank you to California First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom for her visionary thought leadership on gender equality.